Thriving Ex-Battery Hens

A little scruffy-looking but enjoying life

Betty and Brie, my two ex-battery hens were rescued in October 2009 so would have been 72 weeks old then. This is the stage when farmers usually cull their laying hens and replace them. That means my hens are now two years and eight months old. They are still going strong and laying, although not every day.

Betty, one of our Ex-Battery Hens

I read recently that ex-bats only live for between 2 months and a year after being rescued, although some may do better. Well mine are certainly doing better – they are really enjoying life and are very adventurous – the snow did not deter them from their usual activities – they were out there rooting about in the snow and still rushing through the white stuff, picking their feet up high, to get to the back door for treats.