The Badger Incident


We have suffered from a badger attacking our chickens for the past four years. A badger would come in the night and kill any hen who had gone broody and was sitting on eggs in a secret nest. He also killed my three Indian Runner ducks, smashing his way into their hutch. Badgers can be vicious and are very strong. We hadn’t had any attacks this year, though, so you can imagine my amazement when I walked into the stable a couple of weeks ago to spot a badger curled up in the corner. It was first thing in the morning and I was in my dressing gown! I panicked, grabbed a stick and started prodding her. Not a lot happened so I prodded harder; I couldn’t work out if it was a dead badger. Eventually she got up and lumbered into the next door stable, disappearing behind a large, immoveable box. My hens were up and about so I closed the stable and door and wondered what to do next.

Badger Removal

My neighbour suggested calling the RSPCA. Later that morning an RSPCA officer arrived and after many attempts, managed to fit a noose round her neck and pulled her out and into a large animal carrier. It was a such a relief to see her go. We have since heard that she went to a Wildlife Hospital, was considered too old to cope in the wild and has been put to sleep.