Poultry Books

Keeping hens in the garden as family pets and for the bonus of fresh eggs has become extremely popular over the last few years and continues to be high on many people’s lists of ‘Things to Do.’

Whether you decide on some hybrids, pure breeds or rescue some battery hens, your hens will become a great source of pleasure and entertainment.  Let them have as big an area of grass as possible, get them a good quality hen house and try your utmost to keep them safe from foxes and badgers. You don’t need a cockerel for your hens to lay eggs but if you have lots of space you might like to have a cockerel as well – best to check that your neighbours are happy with the idea. A cockerel will look after and protect his girls and you can hatch some chicks later on.

Give your chickens a happy life and you will find them very rewarding.

Hens to Keep, Eggs to Eat