Wild Food Garden Food

Wild Food Garden Food

By Charlotte Popescu

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This book shows what can be gathered each month by growing vegetables and fruit in the garden or allotment; readers will also discover an amazing selection of wild greens, stems, roots, aromatic herbs, edible flowers and mushrooms that they can collect in the hedgerows, woods and on the sea shore throughout the year.  Also included are the huge array of succulent wild berries available in the autumn. This is a celebration of the abundant produce which each season brings – enjoy eating food for free and being as self sufficient as possible.

Readers will be taken through the seasons with descriptions of all the plants available, where to find them, what to do with them whether making wine, jelly, tea or a main meal.  Many of the wild greens available can be used in salads especially through the winter and early spring when green vegetables are sparse in the garden. Also included are ideas for favourite vegetables and fruits as they come into season throughout the year. Recipes are guaranteed to tempt: try wild garlic and nettle soup, Alexander stems in Madeira sauce, apple and rosehip jelly, oven-baked wild mushroom risotto or rose petal sorbet.

The book is illustrated with line drawings and a section of colour photos.