By Charlotte Popescu

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This book is about how to grow 40 of the most popular vegetables with a look at their history and nutritional values. Recipes that accompany each vegetable provide an abundance of ideas for preparing and cooking them.

All year round vegetabes

Grow your own – squashes and pumpkins; mouthwatering purple-sprouting broccoli; delicious beetroot; crunchy mangetout; luscious leeks; succulent curly kale or wonderful deep red radicchio – to name just a few. With careful planning you should have a succession of vegetables all year round. If you don’t have the space to grow them all, buy from your local farm shop or farmers’ market and try some of the unusual recipes enclosed in this book.

There are more than 200 recipes – soups; main courses and side dishes in the form of soufflés, purées, fritters, gratins and tarts; salads; chutneys; even cakes, scones and muffins. Try: Jerusalem artichoke and butternut squash soup; creamy cabbage bake; cauliflower and stilton soufflé; broad beans with cream and bacon; purple-sprouting broccoli with walnut butter; parsnip, date and ginger loaf; beetroot and chocolate cake; carrot muffins.

The recipes are mainly vegetarian but some include fish, chicken or bacon.  All use wholesome easy-to-find ingredients and are mostly quick and simple to prepare. They are down-to-earth, nutritious recipes for the family cook.

Once you’ve planted, harvested and tasted your own produce, you’ll never be satisfied with anything else!