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Cookbooks written by Charlotte Popescu
Cookbooks written by Charlotte Popescu

Books about Poultry written by Charlotte Popescu

Horsehaven and other Pony books written by Christine Pullein-Thompson
Pony books written by Christine Pullein-Thompson
Charlotte Popescu

Charlotte Popescu

Cavalier Books

Cavalier Books was originally set up to publish the famous Christine Pullein-Thompson pony books , by her daughter Charlotte Popescu. These are traditional, timeless, pony adventure stories that have been widely read by pony mad children for over 60 years. Keeping the books in print enables fans of the pony books to buy them for their children and grand-children.

Charlotte Popescu

Charlotte publishes her own books like the fruity cookbooks which have been produced to give recipe ideas for gluts of summer fruits such as raspberries, apples and other autumn fruits. The Apple Cookbook  shows just how versatile the apple is and contains over 180 recipes. There are many keen foragers out there and Fruits of the Hedgerow and Wild Food, Garden Food are aimed at all those who love gathering free food.

If you love puddings then Charlotte’s Puddings – One for Every Day of the Year is the book for you – there are puddings to match special days and festivals and in the book all the fruits are used seasonally.


Charlotte started to keep poultry and immediately became very passionate about her hens. This led her to write books about them. There are five poultry related booksHens in the Garden, Eggs in the Kitchen has now sold well over 20,000 copies. Best Hens for You – Choosing Breeds for the Garden gives lots of insights into the different types of hens with stories and anecdotes – this book is also suitable for the younger generation of hen keepers. Chicken Runs and Vegetable Plots was produced for those wanting to combine vegetables and hens in the garden, Chickopedia  covers everything to do with chickens in an A to Z format, and Charlotte’s new book, Hens to Keep, Eggs to Eat, covers everything you need to know to get started and will help you understand the best ways to keep your hens happy and healthy.

Cavalier Books have also published some military books. The most successful, The Tears of War , was dramatised on BBC radio 4. It tells the story of a first world war poet, May Wedderburn Cannan, and her relationship with Bevil Quiller Couch.